As an independent organisation with a broad range of experience, FLAMAC is very well-positioned to advise clients how to move forward towards the use of high-throughput methodologies to accelerate their R&D. Our aim is to establish a tailored roadmap describing the best path forward in order to achieve the predefined goals. 

Typically, our consulting programs contain the following steps: 

  • Elaborate meetings, interviews to properly define the needs and expectations of our clients 
  • Internal brainstorming
  • Identification of the potential research steps where accelerated technologies could be of high value 
  • Independent identification and listing of possible techniques and partners to achieve the goals set out by our clients 
  • Identification of the most interesting sequences of different screening techniques; in order to accelerate the total research program 
  • High-quality reporting and discussion meeting(s) 
  • Creation of a future roadmap in close collaboration with our partner

At Flamac, we can consult you on following expertise domains (not an exhaustive list): 

  • Accelerated analytical methodologies 
  • High-throughput synthesis (nano-powders, micro-capsules,…) 
  • High-throughput formulation (liquids and/or solids,…) 
  • High-throughput screening (stability, mechanical properties, structure,…) 
  • High-throughput coatings research (organic and inorganic coatings) 
  • High-throughput polymer research technologies 
  • … 

Curious about how we work? More detailed information on the different platforms you can find here