Our platforms


For all your specific needs​

At FLAMAC, we have different platforms at our disposal to fulfill our mission and to provide you, our partner, with the most state-of-the-art capabilities to perform high-throughput research.

Get to know our different platforms:

    1. Automated synthesis platform
    2. High-throughput formulation platform
    3. Automated stability platform 
    4. High-throughput screening and characterisation platform
Introduction to our platforms

Customised automated systems

Starting from scratch or from existing robots, FLAMAC’s expertise can be mobilised to devise, design and create customised automated systems to fulfil your needs related to material development, formulation or characterisation. The complexity range of the customisation is wide, from an automated camera studio for foaming testing to a fully bespoke automated platform dedicated to a specific polymer synthesis.  

The unique flexibility on automation we offer, is a key point to unlock the bottle-neck of your R&D processes and characterisation. When required, FLAMAC collaborates with local engineering and automation companies and coordinates the collaboration. In short, we are dedicated to making your project a true success story

Ready to make your project a true success story?