Flamac wins Solvay prize

Flamac won the Solvay Robotic and Lab Automation Hackathon challenge

Last November, Flamac took part in the 2nd Robots and Artificial Intelligence Makeathon. During one month, participants had been asked to brainstorm and develop solutions to tackle the biggest challenges in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence encountered by world-leading companies like P&G, Solvay, ABinBev or Puratos.

In collaboration with Manetco, the Flamac team started to work on a Solvay challenge: the development of a robot for automated lab experiments which also boasts monitoring capabilities.

After one month of brainstorming, concept designing, and intensive work, our team presented its project at the Makeathon Finals on 27 November 2017 at P&G in Brussels. We presented an innovative solution incorporating robotics, a smart camera and artificial intelligence which are able to operate, analyse and make decisions during a titration experiment. Thanks to the AI, the system is able to produce and monitor experiments in an autonomous way in order to generate data and learn by itself -making it more or less a chemical version of AlphaGo Zero.

Thanks to our efforts and the resulting solution, we were able to convince the jury who granted us the Robotic and Lab Automation Award.

Well done!