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Looking for ways to boost your product development or shorten your time-to-market for new materials?
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At FLAMAC, we leverage our unique expertise and versatile high-throughput experimentation platforms to screen new materials and chemical products highly efficiently. These include automated synthesis, formulation, application and characterisation platforms, boosting new product development and shortening time-to-market considerably. 

FLAMAC offers its collaborative services either through multi-disciplinary research programs between industries, universities and research centres, or through bilateral contract research. 

Starting from a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, we are serving a wide variety of application areas across different  industries

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Flamac goes live!

The Flamac team is proud to announce that from now on you can make a virtual tour through ...
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INTERREG WBDuraPaint: We want your opinion

Bent u actief op het gebied van biobased en duurzame verf? Wij willen graag uw mening!Acteur dans le ...
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Renewal CIR accreditation 2023

We proudly announce that the French authorities have extended the CIR accreditation to Flamac until the end of ...
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International Conference on Biobased Surfactants

Towards a sustainable biobased economy On 15 & 16 December 2020, the first International Conference on Biobased Surfactants ...
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RISE – Formulation Symposium, Sweden

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COVID-19 update on our services

To all our customers and stakeholders, During these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic we want to continue ...
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Smart approach of high-throughput methodologies

Working with FLAMAC means exploring your options and tackling your R&D challenges. Not only faster and more intensively, but also in a reliable way. 


How we can guarantee you this? Thanks to our expertise and in-depth insights in high-throughput methodologies. They are intended to increase discovery speed and optimise the formulation of new materials or products.

More info on high-throughput methodologies?



We can increase experimental quality and reproducibility, conserving knowledge in an electronic executable instrument and data files.


High-throughput technologies allow faster and better mapping of both the raw material space and process space, significantly reducing the cost per experiment. Ready to stay competitive?


Increase speed, efficiency and productivity of R&D activities by leaving tedious, error prone and repetitive work to robots. That's how we help you to boost your productivity!

Accelerated R&D as a perfect solution for all your formulation needs.