FLAMAC is an open top competence centre in the field of high-throughput materials research. Therefore all platforms are open to external partners. A substantial number of large sized, small sized, local, Belgian and foreign companies have already successfully collaborated with FLAMAC.

Different ways of contract research can be conducted with FLAMAC:

Feasibility Studies:

During the last years an increasing number of companies have evaluated the use of high-throughput experimentation in their materials research. FLAMAC is often being consulted to well determine the exact needs and solutions suitable to the application. Typical evaluation projects consist of a set of experiments on the existing high-throughput equipment at FLAMAC. Small workflow adaptations can be part of these studies.

Short-term contract research:

Every year FLAMAC conducts a large number of experiments for short-term contract research projects. These projects vary from formulation to coating activities, optimization of processing parameters and the use of our different high-throughput screening platforms. More information on the different platforms can be found here.

Typically short-term collaborations run from one day to several months.

Long-term contract research:

A number of companies have decided to outsource part or even all of their high-throughput experimentation work at FLAMAC. Services can be provided in the field of high-throughput formulation research, coating applications as well as high-throughput screening. More detailed information on the different platforms can be found here.

Special conditions are applicable for our long-term contract research partners. Typically long-term collaboration agreements run over a number of years.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.