An increasing part of FLAMAC ‘s activities lay in the field of consultancy. As an independent non-profit organisation we have a strong position in consulting our partners in evaluating the different strategies towards the use of high-throughput technologies. Our goal is to translate questions, ideas into complete and high-level roadmaps for economically sound and responsible implementations of accelerated techniques.

FLAMAC has developed a strong and central position as an open top competence centre in the field of high-throughput materials research. This has allowed us to build-up a unique, high quality expertise and to keep a good overview of the current state-of-the-art technologies in this fast developing domain. Our specific fields of expertise are:

  • Accelerated research methodologies
  • High-throughput formulation research
  • High-throughput screening (stability, mechanical properties, structure,…)
  • High-throughput coatings research (organic and inorganic coatings)
  • High-throughput CVD and PVD technologies
  • High-throughput polymer research technologies
  • ….

Our team consists of highly specialized scientists, all academically-educated professionals with a scientific/engineering background and many years of experience in high-throughput experimentation and materials research.

Following steps are typically included in our consulting programs:

  • Elaborate meetings, interviews to well define the needs and expectations of our clients
  • Internal brainstorming
  • Identification of the potential research steps where accelerated technologies could be of high value
  • Independent identification and listing of possible techniques and partners to achieve the goals set out by our clients
  • Identification of most interesting sequence of different screening techniques; in order to accelerate the total research program
  • High-quality reporting and discussion meeting(s)
  • In close collaboration with our partner a future roadmap can be worked out