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8 MARCH 2018 – Zwijnaarde, Gent – BELGIUM @ 10 am

The workshop targets industrial and academic players interested in bringing formulation technologies to the next level. Different mechanisms will be leveraged to facilitate the take-up of the resulting topics in the next framework programme. Relevant national contacts and funding agency representatives will participate to support the process.

Key questions to be discussed at the workshop are:

  • What are the main research and innovation needs and how can product design be improved by collaboration of partners along value chains?
  • What is the impact of Digitalisation/Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy on the design, development and manufacturing of formulated products?
  • How can we better share know-how on formulation challenges and solutions between different sectors?


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Why organise a workshop on formulation?
Formulation is a key process in the design of a wide range of products, consisting of carefully balanced mixtures of often incompatible ingredients. Despite the importance of this field and the high economic impact on industrial operations, application-oriented research and innovation in formulation technologies are usually not addressed in funding programmes, on both European and national levels.

That is why we are organising a workshop “Positioning of Formulation for future EU Framework Programmes” on 8 March 2018 in Ghent, Belgium that will not only aim at the development of a clear and structured research and innovation agenda for the upcoming next EU Framework Programme (FP9), it will also serve as a positioning aid in national programmes. The workshop is one of a workshop series and will also be organised in the UK, Germany, Sweden and France. It is part of the AceForm4.0 Project, a Coordination Action funded by the EU Commission to provide guidelines on Innovation in EU-Formulation in the frame of Circular Economy and Industry4.0. Please visit for more information.

More information on the programme and speakers will follow soon!