Flamac responding to customer needs in high-throughput formulation R&D

December 18th, 2012

Flamac is responding to customer needs for accelerated development of complex formulations with a significant upgrade of its high-throughput formulation systems.

Flamac has been using integrated robotic facilities successfully for more than 7 years in applications such as formulations, coatings, thin films and many more. The new investment includes a upgrade of the existing formulation platform (co-developed with hte AG in 2005 – 2006) by adding two new modules allowing for viscous liquid dosing while processing (mixing, temperature control, etc.).

Chemspeed has been selected as the supplier to deliver two modular Swing type robotic platforms, prepared for future upgrades with e.g. gravimetric solid dispensing, individually controlled formulation vessels incl. high-shear mixing, pH measurement / adjustment. These modules allow dispensing of low viscous solvents up to non-Newtonian pastes. Additionally, special mixing devices and online visual inspection has been integrated into these modules by Flamac.

Besides hardware integration, Flamac has successfully connected the software platforms from the two suppliers into one overall platform control solution.

Flamac’s unique high-throughput platform can deliver a ten-fold productivity gain compared to manual preparation of formulations and up to a three-fold gain compared to a standalone automated formulation system. Furthermore, our customers benefit from a significantly increased quality with full electronic data management in R&D formulation results.

The high-throughput platform will be further extended with a number of additional options, such as pH control and high shear mixing early in 2013.

“Flamac’s unique, integrated high-throughput formulation platform results in a remarkable level of modularity and flexibility when compared to standalone modules”, says Johan Paul, general manager of Flamac. “Initially this integrated high-throughput formulation platform will be primarily used for our strategic collaboration with P&G. However, the platform is open to all of our customers and research partners.”

“Innovation via collaboration is at the heart of how we touch and improves lives of our consumers. The Connect + Develop capability with Flamac is a strategic collaboration with our Brussels Innovation Center. The excellent technical work of the joint team and collaboration with IWT enabled the rapid progress” John Metselaar, Brussels Innovation R&D Site leader.

“We are proud to be part of Flamac’s high-throughput platform and to contribute to strategic collaborations such as with P&G with our flexible and modular robotic solutions. Chemspeed’s proprietary and innovation enabling overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, viscous liquids, and waxes while processing is pivotal for virtually unrestricted formulation strategies, thus standardizing and accelerating the investigation of both the raw material and the process space.”, says Michael Schneider, Sr VP Business Development, Chemspeed Technologies AG.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested to use this equipment for your research.

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