Flamac integrated into the “Strategic Initiative Materials in Flanders : SIM”

From the 10th of June 2009, Flamac has been integrated in SIM, the Flanders “Strategic Initiative Materials”.
SIM is a joint initiative of Agoria, a number of leading material companies, the 5 Flemish universities, Sirris and the Flemish government. SIM is a Strategic Research Center which strives to acquire a leading and internationally acknowledged position in the area of materials research and materials technology. SIM will contribute to the competitive position of the materials industry in Flanders by means of:

1. strengthening the scientific base and building technology platforms in relevant areas,
2. generating an open innovative environment for close collaboration between industry & academia

SIM is a platform to finance and to direct strategic basic research by universities and industrial companies. Research proposals must comply with the mission of SIM. The initial thematic focus is innovative materials technology for applications in energy and sustainable structural materials, where nanotechnology is a major enabler.

The integration of Flamac in SIM, will provide additional leverage for the SIM research programs.
Furthermore, Flamac will expand its former activities on high-throughput and combinatorial materials research. The centre is integrated as a division in SIM. It will continue to offer its services towards the materials and chemical industry; including the development of top competences, setting up contract research, collective and European research projects, technological advice and innovation stimulation.

Collaboration will be continued with companies and research centers participating within SIM, but also with other (inter)national companies (large companies as well as SMEs) and organizations.
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